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Many people know that having a will is necessary in order to properly ensure the deceased’s wishes are followed and desired transfers are carried out once they are gone. However, the importance of having the proper documentation in place does not end there. Careful estate planning is crucial to a will being upheld as valid […]

A case recently came before a New York court that delved into a very unique inheritance issue. The case, Matter of Svenningsen involved the inheritance rights of “rejected” adopted children. “Rejected” is a harsh word, but refers to children who were adopted and whose adopted parents terminate parental rights. It is a rare occurrence, but […]

Consumer Reports came out with a helpful new report which is of value to all local residents thinking about creating a New York estate plan. The study examined the value of “Do It Yourself” (DIY) websites for legal documents, including wills. Obviously everyone values efficiency, and maximizing value while minimizing time and expense is of […]

This weekend our New York estate planning attorney Bonnie Kraham had an article published in the Times Herald-Record where she explained the importance of beneficiary designations in New York estate plans. These designations are often less well-known than other aspects of an estate plan, such as trusts, wills, health-care proxies, and powers of attorney. The […]

Yesterday there was a new twist in the high-profile New York estate planning story involving Huguette Clark, the woman who died this year leaving behind a $400 million Gilded Age fortune. As we discussed earlier this week, the woman’s family was not provided for in her will. Instead her fortune was given mostly to a […]

New York estate planning is a necessity for virtually all local residents, no matter where on the income scale one falls. Easing the emotional, social, and financial burden on one’s family and ensuring wishes are carried out upon one’s death is important if one has $400,000 or $400 million to pass on. Unfortunately, New York […]

Many local residents have found themselves facing unexpected problems after trying to create a New York estate plan on their own. Community members often mistakenly believe that joint ownership of property and accounts can be used to avoid probate and transfer assets. While joint ownership may be helpful in certain circumstances, in most cases it […]

Our New York elder law estate planning attorneys are proud of our work as counselors at law, acting as trusted advisors for the clients who count on us. In this capacity we spend each day meeting with community members to understand their family dynamics and listening to their concerns and fears about the planning process. […]

Many in our area have decided to visit a New York estate planning attorney this year in order to learn how they can take advantage of Tax Relief Act which President Obama signed in December. As many are aware, the law allows individuals to give gifts up to $5 million without triggering any tax losses. […]

When many area residents are told to consider visiting a New York estate planning lawyer their mind immediately envisions someone who will craft a will or a create a trust. However, estate planning is much more than document creation. Instead, it is best viewed as a process by which an individual works to eliminate future […]

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