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A quick Google search reveals about 10,000 articles providing 5, 10, 15, or more reasons why everyone needs an estate plan. While that makes a catchy headline, it may not be technically correct. After all, in most instances, it is impossible for minors under 18 years old to enter into legal agreements. It is not […]

Some New Yorkers eschew an estate plan because they assume their wishes are very simple. “I just want the kids to split it” is a common refrain. For one thing, default rules in the state do not automatically mean that children will split a parents’ assets. The only way to do that is by ensuring […]

One of the most common questions that local families ask related to estate planning and assets protection involve gifts: Whether to give them, when to give, how much, and in what form. Of course, no two situations are identical, and so it is impossible to list a set of rules regarding when and how large-scale […]

Most New Yorkers know that in the event of a passing there are “paperwork” details that must be worked out. Property must be divided up, accounts must be closed, and other errands must be completed. Time and again, however, families grossly underestimate the complexity and scope of these duties; many end up spending months and […]

Over the past few years more and more attention has been paid to the value of “digital” assets and the need to account for them in estate planning. Yet, for all the increased awareness, there is still a long way to go before all families properly plan for handing online access and property issues. A […]

Yesterday marked the official federal holiday chosen to honor civil rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It also happened to be Inauguration Day for President Barack Obama. In a unique twist, the President chose to be sworn in on the Bible that was read by Dr. King on the day that he gave his […]

The New York Times published an interesting story last week discussing the “psychic toll” paid by families working to raise a child with special needs. The article attempts to delve into some of the more nuanced issues related to conducting special needs planning to take care of the finances and long-term care issues for these […]

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