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While many New York residents familiar with and have an existing will in place in the event of their death, most people do not realize that estate planning documents extend far beyond a last will and testament. The world of estate planning documents includes not only living wills and advanced medical directives, but also trusts. […]

It seems estate-planning attorneys are often asked to help clients avoid probate. In fact, this is typically one of the first questions people ask in a consultation. There are likely many reasons why people are so focused on probate avoidance, not the least of which is probably a wide misunderstanding of the process. Perhaps family […]

Life is about far more than the accumulation of material wealth. Working hard and collecting valuables to enjoy and pass on to others at death is nothing to spurn. But there are many other things that are accumulated over a life and can be passed on at death: morals, lessons, memories, stories of hope, words […]

Much of estate planning involves preparations that can streamline matters in the aftermath of a death. The probate process can be long and drawn-out, forcing families to wait months before working out the basic details of asset transfer. Alternatively, by using trusts, the process can be far more seamless, saving time and taxes. Trusts are […]

A quick Google search reveals about 10,000 articles providing 5, 10, 15, or more reasons why everyone needs an estate plan. While that makes a catchy headline, it may not be technically correct. After all, in most instances, it is impossible for minors under 18 years old to enter into legal agreements. It is not […]

This week Forbes published an article that outlines the basics of how to fund an estate plan for spouses. The story is a helpful reiteration of many of the basic issues that are common for all New York couples thinking about their future and trying to create security no matter what the future holds. Helpfully, […]

Drafting a will can be a delicate process, because various legal requirements must be met before the document will have any legal effect. Cases abound of wills which were thrown out because they did not conform to the technical requirements. Ensuring that everything will be done pursuant to legal rules is one key reason to […]

One of the biggest movies set to debut this holiday season is “The Hobbit,” based on the well-known fantasy novel by J.R.R. Tolkien. This film follows in the footsteps of the very successful “Lord of the Rings” movies made over the last decade and a half. However, the release of the film is coinciding with […]

Do you really need to conduct estate planning if you are only in your 30s, don’t have many assets, and don’t have a lot of money to spend on legal and planning services? Absolutely. The specific costs of these planning efforts can always be arranged to meet your resources. And it is critical not to […]

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