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When most people envision legal trials, the first images that pop to mind involve bizarre crimes or large class action lawsuits. Thanks to movies and television shows, there is an assumption that trials are only for deciding whether someone is going to prison or if a large corporation acted inappropriately and hurt hundreds of innocent […]

Last week we discussed the recently unearthed will of former Sopranos star James Gandolfini. The document was filed with a Manhattan court late last month, with the actor’s assets being left to a wide range of people including his two children, wife, sisters, and several friends. Those earlier reports noted that Gandolfini’s assets including life […]

by Michael Ettinger, Esq. “Elder Law Estate Planning” is a niche area of the law which combines the features of elder law and estate planning that pertain most to the needs of the middle class. Estate planning was originally for the wealthy few. Middle class families did not consider themselves as having “estates” to plan. […]

Over the past few years more and more attention has been paid to the value of “digital” assets and the need to account for them in estate planning. Yet, for all the increased awareness, there is still a long way to go before all families properly plan for handing online access and property issues. A […]

DNA Info in New York shared an interesting story on the intersection of a custody dispute, estate planning, and a one billion trust fund waiting in the wings. The tale is a reminder of how money and the emotions following a death are a breeding ground for feuding and conflict among many different parties. It […]

Earlier this week we shared information on the latest challenge to the U.S. Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Windsor v. United States. While the case awaits final resolution, many are working to spread information about the story behind the lawsuit. The goal is to better explain to the community at large how this sort of […]

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