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Our estate planning attorneys often help New Yorkers create trusts that are used to pass on assets to charities. When structured properly, gifts to favorited causes is both a great way to give back and a smart financial move to save on taxes and ensure that your long-term inheritance wishes are met. A Charitable Remainder […]

New York estate planning is primarily concerned with passing on assets to family members and saving taxes in the process. While the inheritance planning portion of the effort may seem straightforward, there are many considerations involved. It is much more than simply saying that John gets the house and Jane gets the car. When done […]

Our New York estate planning attorneys have spent decades helping local families make long-term preparations for their estate. Legal and tax rules must be accounted for in all significant property transactions, even when one is giving money away. As a Wall Street Journal story this weekend explained, it can actually be quite challenging to properly […]

Historically, charitable giving rises about one-third as fast as the stock market. While the stock market gains of 2010 remain slight (Dow is up 1.13% at the time of this writing), New York residents may still want to consider using the charitable remainder trust (CRT) in their estate planning. This trust works well for those […]

Earlier this year we touched on the possible estate planning implications of the compromise law that averted the so-called “fiscal cliff” in early January. As with many of these issues, the full implications are hard to evaluate immediately, only playing out as planners get to work crafting options for clients. In the first few months […]

On Tuesday we discussed a few ways that our New York estate planning lawyers incorporate charitable giving into strategies to reduce taxes during inheritance planning. Of course, for most local families who want to give some of their wealth away, the motivation is not just to save tax money for themselves or their heirs in […]

In many cases the most difficult aspect of conducting proper New York estate planning is ensuring that everything necessary is taken into account. Experienced New York estate planning lawyers usually know what options make the most sense in any given situation, but those plans are less effective if certain aspects of a community members’ situation […]

Investment News published a story yesterday declaring that the current financial, political, and social climate made it a “perfect storm” for estate planning. It was explained how tax policy proposals, low interest rates, and a relatively weak economy make now a particularly worthwhile time for local families to take steps to plan for their long-term […]

The most recent survey from the Humane Society found that there are at least 78.2 million owned dogs and 86.4 million owned cats in the United States. The data indicated that nearly 40% of all American households own a dog while roughly 33% own cats. Pet ownership rates are near the highest ever reported. In […]

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