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Avoiding the Common Errors Presented by Online Estate Planning Documents

Our experienced estate planning lawyers have helped a number of people create estate plans that can be used to carry out their wishes. We have also encountered a number of clients who attempted to create online estate planning documents, but who ended up facing expensive and substantial obstacles.


Do it yourself estate planning documents, however, can contain a number of shortcomings ranging from small errors including typos to much larger mistakes including estate planning documents that miss critical estate plan clauses.


The Challenge Presented by Online Estate Planning


There are a number of do it yourself estate planning documents available online, and it can seem attractive due to cost issues and ease of access to engage in this method. Many of these documents, however, utilize a one size fits all philosophy, which is inadequate for the complex issues that arise in many people’s lives.


By attempting to create an online estate planning document yourself, there is a risk that you will end up creating a document that cannot successfully carry out your plans. The only way to make sure that your estate plans ends up properly carrying out your wishes to obtain the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney.


The Focus of Good Estate Planning


One of the recurring elements of good estate planning is the ability to adequately reflect a person’s unique references. By making sure that an estate plan follows a person’s unique goals, it is possible to avoid undue administrative costs as well as excessive court involvement.


If a complex issue arises in the administration of your estate and a do it yourself estate planning document does not contain adequate details, it is likely that a protracted court process will result.


The Limitations of Do It Yourself Estate Planning


The primary advantage of do it yourself estate planning is that you will be able to quickly and affordably create an estate planning document, which in emergency cases is sometimes better than not having any estate planning documents at wall. Deciding the exact do it yourself document that works for you, however, can be confusing.


Many people are not certain the type of estate planning that they need to carry out their wishes. When the complexities of daily living are added to a person’s situations, these documents often result in more challenges than relying on an experienced estate planning attorney.


Remain Cautious about Do It Yourself Estate Planning Documents


The great problem presented by do it yourself estate planning documents is that a person is not aware of what they do not know. While a person might know some things about how they would like to dispose of their assets after their death, they frequently do not understand the case law or strategies that can best be used to achieve these goals.


As a result, it is often a much better idea to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney.


Speak with an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

If you need the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney, it is critical to make sure that you retain the assistance of a lawyer who has substantial experience helping people create successful estate plans. Contact Ettinger Estate Planning today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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