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People interested in estate planning are increasingly placing digital asset clauses in their estate planning documents. This unfortunately adds another layer of complexity to estate planning.

As focus in digital assets becomes more popular, the need for adequate estate planning also increases. People want to make sure that their financial planning prospers besides that person’s daily use of digital technology.

A large number of people interested in estate planning have even placed clauses addressing bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies into the estate plans of clients. Digital wallets go in combination with digital assets because passwords play a critical role in making sure that your loved ones are able to access your assets after you pass away or become incapacitated. Digital assets including social media, blogs, and email accounts are also playing an increasingly more prevalent role in estate plans.

While estate planning, it’s a good idea to make sure that various parties involved with your estate including personal representatives, agents appointed through a durable power of attorney, and trust receive the information they need to both access as well as manage your assets in case you end up incapacitated or pass away. 

While most assets can be easily identified, one notable exception are digital assets, which include not just social media accounts and financial accounts but also cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and non fungible tokens. This article reviews some critical issues to consider in regards to estate planning and digital assets.

# 1 – Email and Social Media Accounts

A survey recently reported that over 80% of people who work in estate and financial planning utilize digital trends to support estate planning. Family structures are increasingly complex with currently 34% of respondents reporting that the appointment of beneficiaries was a primary cause of fighting among a family. Market volatility has been identified as the leading threat to estate planning and has risen substantially in danger over the last few years. 

The study also determined the increase in the use of digital content and tools that conform with the growing interest in digital assets. Many people are interested in their financial planning advancing as the utilization of technology and digital integration improves.

Other details in the study state that 52% of people leverage estate planning software, while 48% of individuals use online estate planning platforms. This activity demonstrates that a large part of people who participate in estate planning are utilizing digital resources to efficiently support client needs.

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