Estate Planning Becoming Reality Show?

Epic estate planning battles–particularly involving the wealthy and famous–have long been fodder for newspapers. There have even been a few high-profile movies touching on the topic, like the recent George Clooney film, “The Descendants.” But now it appears that the sagas may make their way into yet another medium: television.

Reality TV continues to captivate audiences, and now some are looking to cast a new television show based on unique, intense, and interesting inheritance fights. The Trust Advisor recently shared information on the project which, if it becomes popular, is sure to raise awareness of common estate planning issues even more.

The show is still in the early stages of development, but it is clear that a large TV production team is looking for families to be filmed as their inheritance issues and planning details are sorted out. These early reports suggest that the show will center on inheritance and trust disputes among wealthy families. The purpose, one presumes, is to find families with the most unique issues, including family businesses, generations-long dynasties, and large personalities. The filming (and packaging as a television show) will likely highlight both the characters themselves as well as the unique processes involved in settling estate fights. While it may seem common knowledge to those of us working on these affairs, it is easy to forget that for most community matters, estate planning issues are foreign.

The article notes that “the goal is to get everyone to work out their grudges and actually resolve their issues without getting the litigators involved.” Considering that this is the same goal shared by many who are beginning the estate planning process when not being filmed, it will be interesting to see if the show mirrors how the process actually works.

The producers explain that while the goal is to find situations where families can work out their disagreement, examples of “clients gone bad” may also be involved. This refers to situations where clear planning advice is ignored or obvious mistakes (perhaps intentional) were made which lead to hurt feeling, arguments, and broken relationships.

Of course, estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, and others working in these area will undoubtedly be a natural audience for this show. But perhaps beyond mere entertainment something like this will spawn into an important, educational tool for all community members. There remains a need for more families to seriously consider their legacies, and watching examples of feuding unfold on their television may be just the spur some need to stop delaying and make a call.

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