New York Estate Plans Tailored for Those with Multiple Sclerosis

No two New York estate plans are exactly the same. Proper long-term planning demands that each unique life circumstance and family issue be considered and incorporated into the legal preparations. For example, our New York estate planning attorneys have helped many families over the years make special arrangements to provide assistance for family members who suffer from a wide range of disabilities. For nearly two decade residents in our state have been able to set up special trusts so that a disabled loved one could receive an inheritance without disqualifying them from government benefits. Unlike in the past, there is no need for parents to disinherit disabled children or other family members out of fear of losing access to Social Security and Medicaid.

This weekend Forbes published an article reiterating the value of estate planning for all area residents. It was noted that a professional estate planning lawyer should always be consulted so that these plans can be tailored to one’s unique needs. As explained, this is particularly important for those living with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Families dealing with these issues are often forced to live day-to-day, because their medical problems come with a large amount of uncertainty. Ensuring that proper estate and financial plans are in place is one of the few ways that many of these families can provide some degree of certainty to their future.

For example, many New York families have loved ones living with multiple sclerosis (MS). It is a problem that flies under the radar, because as experts at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society explain, “some people do not understand that 96% of the symptoms of chronic illnesses are invisible.” For those with MS one of the most common systems is referred to as “exacerbations.” These are sudden attacks of fatigue. This fatigue is unlike normal tiredness, and instead it constitutes a complete exhaustion which makes it impossible for many suffers to function normally. It remains the number one reason why people with MS leave the workforce.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a wealth of information for those interested in learning more about the illness. The Society also explains the many ways that aid can be given to help multiple sclerosis research projects that are working to fight the disease. In addition, the Society encourages all those suffering from MS to ensure that their family has planning in place that takes their unique situation into consideration. From accounting for the illness with life insurance policies to the creation of living trusts, there are many avenues available for families to properly plan for the future while taking the illness into account.

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