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One of the many goals of estate planning is to limit the amount of fighting that will occur once a person passes on, and there are many ways to achieve that goal. Often this involves making sure that all the proper requirements are observed when executing documents, careful drafting of trusts and keeping estate planning documents’ terms clear and concise. None of these tools however serve as a disincentive to a disgruntled family member who feel that they were unjustly treated as beneficiary. For that purpose, many New York estate planners may turn to the ‘No Contest’ or ‘In Terrorem’ clause.

Risk All, Lose All…

A ‘no contest’ clause in a New York will states that a beneficiary who unsuccessfully challenges the validity of the will is prevented from inheriting under the will. Testators include these clauses in their wills in order to dissuade beneficiaries from taking action against the estate, the idea being that no one will want to risk losing out on their inheritance by risking an unsuccessful challenge.

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